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Insuring the Path of Healthcare Professionals

Throughout their educational and professional pursuits, we help health professionals secure protection that minimizes threats to their financial wellness and dreams.

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How can we help you?

  • I am an individual

    The risks to healthcare professionals evolve as they grow and protection needs will differ based on career plans.

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  • I represent an institution

    Healthcare organizations can create benefit opportunities for their healthcare professionals to guarantee their right to protect their future income and well being.

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  • I represent a practice

    Addressing the risks that threaten a practice goes well beyond an owner’s personal needs.

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A little bit about us

Since 1993, InsMed Insurance Agency has been guiding healthcare professionals and organizations seeking to secure insurance protection that addresses the impact an accident or illness may have upon their financial well-being.

Between the busy schedules of healthcare professionals and the industry-specific language found in these policies, we understand how daunting it may be to find the right solution.

For these reasons, we’ve created a team-based approach to offer a suite of products and services that can be individually- tailored to the healthcare professional’s specific needs while providing insight and education along the way.

We only work with the best carriers:

We do love a good quote

  • InsMed’s ability to create and implement a comprehensive communication plan that didn’t disrupt the day-to-day training requirements of our residents greatly exceeded our expectations. “

    Dr Edward Jones
  • “InsMed was able to identify and introduce a voluntary offering that allowed our highly compensated professionals to more completely protect their incomes without having to worry about being denied because of an underlying condition.”

    Dr Edward Jones
  • “I was very pleasantly surprised by how InsMed’s customer service team continued to seamlessly support me as I changed employers after my training.”

    Dr Edward Jones

Here for you every step of the way

  • InsMed Insurance Agency. Covering insurance needs for healthcare professionals since 1993.

  • InsMed Financial Services. Sound financial advice for healthcare professionals.

  • InsMed Financial Wellness. Loan counseling and more for healthcare professionals.